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What Snipers Have To Say...



Derrick’s contributions prove how one person can make a difference. He has made a difference, and, perhaps more importantly, he has instilled in others the desire to make a difference. He is passionate about training, and it shows in his teaching, and through his guidance. Today, snipers are a stronger community because of people like Derrick Bartlett.  Derrick has put the word “sniper” back in our job description, and we can be proud.


 Having known Derrick as a friend, as well as a colleague, I can say without reservation that he truly lives up to the honorable title of “sniper.”


Richard Morey

Coordinator, Law Enforcement Programs

SFCC Criminal Justice Academy



Derrick Bartlett has made possibly the single greatest contribution to sniping that could have been made; he started us talking.  In addition to being an accomplished sniper himself, he has served as a teacher, author, and leader.  

He cares deeply about sniping, and snipers.


Our job is to save lives. By encouraging snipers to share information, and prepare ourselves for what may come, he has helped save careers, families, and lives. He is also an honorable man, and a good friend to snipers everywhere. Now he has raised the bar again...

Russ Clagett

United States Army


In the world of police sniping, no one does it better and is more knowledgeable than Derrick. I have attended many training classes over the years and I have found no one as passionate to this art.  He is truly the go-to guy when it comes to training, and if you are ever involved in a sniper-related shooting, he is the person you want on your defense team.  I am proud and honored to call him my friend and comrade in arms.

Chris Savard

Orlando, FL Police Dept.


Derrick has gained the utmost respect from the sniper community. He has gained this respect by his extensive knowledge and dedication to the art of sniping.

Derrick has single-handedly developed a network for sharing critical knowledge and experiences that must be shared in order to make us all more professional snipers. He is our hub of information. A man that believes it is not what we do, but who we are, snipers.


Lt. Paul J. Renkas

Waukesha County, WI Sheriffs Dept.





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