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Authors interested in submitting their work for publishing consideration, must adhere to the following guidelines.  If you have any questions, please contact us before submitting any materials.


WIISAD Books is first, and foremost, interested in publishing books of primary interest to military and police tactical operators, snipers, and team leaders.  We are currently only accepting / considering manuscripts targeting this select audience.


WIISAD Books strongly encourages authors to first submit a query letter and brief summary of a completed or proposed manuscript.  This should include a short outline of subject material in advance of a submission.  Unsolicited manuscripts may be returned unopened and unread.


Queries, outlines, and manuscripts should be submitted for review in both hard copy and on disk, preferably in Word or WordPerfect formats on a Windows formatted floppy.  Do not format the text with multiple fonts, indents, underlines, etc.  If you have special editing concerns, mark them on the hard copy.  Actual layout and formatting of the material will be discussed upon acceptance.

Contact Information

Please send queries and/or manuscripts and complete information (mailing address, home and work phone numbers, email address, and biographical note) to WIISAD Books, 472 Lakeside Circle, Fort Lauderdale, FL  33326-4103.  Submissions must be accompanied by a SASE if materials are to be returned.  The publisher assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material.  Responses to query letters will take approximately two weeks from receipt of material.  Responses to manuscripts will take up to six weeks.

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